Partner Needed For Nirvana 

Name: Tavian | @DlazyFilmmaker 
Location: Columbia, South Carolina
Inspiration For Playlist: A longing for companionship.
Favorite Genre of Music: Indie Rock
Three Songs That Speak To Who You Are Musically:
First Concert: Mutemath in 2010.
Tavian was the very first person I reached out to and asked to curate a playlist for me. He has such diverse tastes in music and has always been anxious to share that with me. That's something I've always loved about him. There have been quite a few artists he's put me on to and I'm eternally grateful (I'm a huge Tyler The Creator fan because of him... still trying to warm my way up to Childish Gambino tho). In the drop of a dime, Tavian's playlists can go from Mutemath, Ginger Root, or Monsune to Robin Thicke, Bill Evans, or Toro y Moi. Proud not only to call him family, but also a friend.